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Corporate Head Shots – Commercial Photography and Video


Corporations like yours want to look their best in every aspect of business. This shouldn’t change when it comes to professional head shots for your business websites and your social marketing / professional marketing pages. Commercial Photography is about making you look your best. Your corporate head shot is often the first image a client will have of you.  Yes it’s a cliche but you only get one chance to make a first impression.  It’s more than just a portrait, it about learning what you do, and discussing the image you are trying to portray. Then based on what’s perfect for you and your industry we create an image together.


Keith French Commercial Photography has a mobile studio than can come to your location and capture a professional head shot of you and your team in either a simple head and shoulders look, an environmental shot, or a complex on the go “action” shot, or a combination of each. Clients with billable  employee love this since each employee is “off the clock” for only a short time while the images are captured.


Shooting at your location is the best choice for businesses with several individuals and working professionals. With the mobile studio set up at your location the down time per individual is minimal, therefore returning your executive or employee back to work fast. No intrusive or distracting trips to a studio cutting into your billable hours or productivity. It also allows the most uniform looking images when necessary since all images are photographed in the exact same lighting.


Need a video to highlight your services, explain your business philosophies, or just to greet your clients or potential new customers. From Boardroom greetings to action advertisements, Keith French Photography can take care of your video needs.

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Head Shot-On Location
  • Your Location of Choice
  • Head & Shoulder (Bust)
  • 12-18 Images
  • Pick Best One
  • Made in Hi-Res and Lo-Res
Head Shot- In Studio
  • In our Studio
  • Head & Shoulder (Bust)
  • 12-18 Image
  • Pick Best One
  • Made in Hi-Res and Lo-Res

* Multiple Person Discounts

Price is for one individual, discounts begin with the second individual and increase as the numbers increases. Please call for a quote and availability 847-401-2017

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