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Marketing and Advertising Photography

Marketing images should be far more than just a visual record of your business. It should leave an impression on the viewer.  Tell me the story you want to deliver and I’ll provide you with images to capture your audience.  As a commercial photography studio I have learned there are a lot of questions to ask if I’m going to provide my clients with the images they need to promote their business. Commercial photography is a lot more than taking a great photograph. It’s knowing that each photograph is communicating to the viewer the critical items necessary to promote a business and keep the interest until a positive decision is made. Before I shoot any images for a business I need to learn about them, what’s their culture, who are their target clients, what do they hope to achieve from these images. From there I begin to formulate shot ideas and layouts. It is at this point I know enough about your business to provide you with an accurate quote.  I’ve learned a lot about businesses in 30 years and maybe I have ideas others have used that would work perfectly for you. Commercial photography is rarely a “one and done” concept. The retail commodity model of buying and selling does not work here if you really want to capture the very image that will take your company forward its far more than shopping around for pricing.

Looking for shopping cart images? You found the right place. Either in your facility or at my studio, I can provide you with product photography on the pure white “infinity” wall. I have worked with 30 foot tall aluminum tanks, down to car parts as small as your pinky nail.  Whether you need exquisite fine details or just over view shoots.

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