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Canvas Prints

Studio Heirloom Canvas

Our studio canvas prints are not ink jet sprayed. They are first real printed photographs. Through a very slow process the photo paper is removed and replaced with canvas for the longest lasting most durable and color fast canvas made. Family heirloom quality at its best. Once the canvas is dried and pliable again it is wrapped on a frame or mounted to masonite and ready for framing. But there's more.... Once the canvas is mounted, a clear coating is hand painted on to give the print a "brush stroked" look like an oil painting. It's stunning and a nice finishing touch to your family treasure. Perfect for landscapes, portraits, what ever is special to you. It will become a family treasure. Why not ink jet, it's half the cost? Because I have always provided long lasting archival solutions to my customers. Many of whom are professionals and are providing a service as well. With that said, it's not a silly snap shot on most occasions you are going to spend the money on and make a large canvas print. It's usually a special photo, with special meaning. So why wouldn't you want the longest lasting, most color steadfast reproduction of that print on the wall? You don't have to take my word for it, read about ink jet archivability on the library of congress web site. They have some interesting studies that we as tax payers funded I'm sure.

What About Canvas Wraps?

Does this go for those thick mounted canvas that wraps around a frame and the image wraps with it ? In the industry these are called a few things, gallery wraps, canvas wraps, usually the word wrap is in there somewhere. These are ink jet, it's the only medium that will fold and not crack or tear, so the archival concern is there. I love these prints from an art stand point and from a room decor approach. So here's what we do different. In the old days we used to use a UV protective spray that was lacquer based and it would adhere to the print and protect it from UV, dust, and water. A modern version of this spray works perfect for protecting these canvas wraps. So once again an additional step takes place which ups the cost but we know we can and should get a minimum of 80 years of protection from this spray.