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Food Photography – Mouth watering images

When a Chicago Area Restaurant wants to show off their menu they don’t pull out a cell phone, well the serious ones don’t anyway, they leave that up to the customer. My phone rings and their chef and I have a session in their restaurant. It’s fun, it’s hard and

Photographing Airshows

The arrival of summer brings the airshow circuit back to life in the Upper Midwest. For many the sights and sounds of high performance jets and vintage war bird aircraft is enough to bring chills up and down their back. For others like me the chills are only half the thrill, nailing a

Winter Photography – Door Co Wisconsin

17° below zero was not your normal shooting environment. In fact most people might think going outside to take pictures under 32° might be a little insane. As for me, getting accused of being a little crazy is not unusual. I enjoy taking pictures in places many people won’t go to or a

New Look for 1925 Landmark Hotel

When the 1925 Chicago-Evanston Landmark  Hilton-Orrington Hotel upgraded it’s guest rooms last last year, they called upon the services of Keith French Photography to showcase their remodel. In house Sales Associate and  Graphic Designer Tyler Drendel commented   “Keith wa

Custom Builder Professional Photography

When the president of a custom building contractor wanted to show off his prized accomplishments to potential clients it was easy to just pull out the ole cell phone a snap a few shots. But the stark realization was the clients couldn’t see the extreme attention to detail and th

Chicago Photographic Conference

The greatest photography event in the Midwest is happening again this summer in Chicago. The second annual Out of Chicago Photography Conference is June 26th-28th in the heart of Chicago. Join 28 amazing photographers from Chicago and around the world, including Bryan Peterson, Mike M

An American Hero

“From a Grateful Nation”  The words of a Marine Honor Guard spoken on behalf of the Corps and the Country delivered to the family of a fallen hero.  This hero did not pay the ultimate sacrifice in battle, however  227 of his fellow Marines did.  In reality over 6,800 Marin
Keith French Photo workshop

Southern Illinois April 2014 Photo Workshop

  The 2014 Spring Photo Workshop is over and once again nature didn’t disappoint. The harsh winter had its effects  in the Southern IL, on the positive side the waterfalls and the streams were flowing. On the not so positive side the forest was not as green as I would have

Healing Heros- Military Veterans

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder  (PTSD) is an anxiety disorder that may develop after a person is exposed to traumatic events.  Symptoms include but are not limited to flashbacks, avoiding similar situations that set up the traumatic event, hyper anxiety, anger outbursts, nightmares an

Photographing Winter Spectacular

I recently heard someone say “there is nothing worth photographing in the winter”.  The images that follow immediately came to mind so I decided to share them. The hardest thing about capturing images like this is the elements.  Protecting yourself and your equipment  has