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Lake Michigan lighthouses

Photographic Workshop


The Lake Michigan coastline is dotted with many photographic beauties. Light houses being no exception. Here is your chance to visit some of the most iconic lighthouses in the Midwest! Each of them represents classic maritime architecture carried out in stone, brick or steel. Most can be shot from the beach. Join us on a 2 day 1 night workshop on the Wisconsin side, June 2rd & 3rd, 2018. Also 3 days and 2 nights on the Michigan side, July 20-22, 2018 . You will not only get to see these majestic structures but you will learn composition, exposure settings, and various shoot techniques, all while creating images that will look splended in any collection. For Wisconsin we will be starting off our adventure in Racine and work our way up into Door County. For Michigan we will be starting off in Benton Harbor and working our way up to Point Betsy. We are targeting 5 to 10 light houses and plan to spend about 1-2 hours at each location. During each stop I will work with any and all participants willingly to assist, direct, and teach composition, and techniques. For this reason the workshop is limited to the first 10 people with a paid registration. We will start the day around 8 AM and finish around 5 PM. These are not hard times but good suggestions based on the group and the weather. At some point during the day we will break for lunch. Each of the nights we will be staying in a different hotel and will plan on dinner after check in.  Food is separate from the workshop fee and will be the responsibility of the participant. Many of your questions will be answered in the emails we send you before the trip starts, such as clothing and gear suggestions. Safety is always our first concern, so if the wave conditions are dangerous, we will come up with a shooting Plan B. If you have special needs, be sure to let us know immediately so we can be sensitive to them. The physical requirements are fairly low except for one site. If you have any mobility issues please contact us prior to registration. Our door is always open: e-mail us at: or If you want to room share, let us know so we can reduce your hotel cost.


Tony spends a great deal of time in airports. He travels between 70 and 90 days a year. His love of landscape photography usually keeps him within the US, traveling from border to border. His images tend to evoke a sense of quiet thoughtfulness in the viewer. Tony has been serious about photography for the last 10 years. Five years ago he started a small side venture to sell his images and merchandise his teaching work. Three years ago he sold his national search company and became a full time pro. He has two companies that sell to industry: one that sells traditional imagery and one that sells room-sized panoramas. Tony is equally passionate about teaching composition and post processing. Although he has about 10 different presentations that he has given to CAPS, the Out of Chicago Conference and to local organizations, he would much prefer to lead a photowalk or teach one-on-one to a few committed students. His teaching philosophy is “if you are not having fun as you learn, we are wasting time”.

Many novice and amateur photographers begin their love affair with photography in nature. Keith was no different. A few years after learning how to control his camera Keith took a tour of the Smokey Mountains in the early spring, the camera opportunities were abundant in all directions. He was hooked. Not yet a full time photographer, Keith carried his cameras everywhere, Asia, Europe, Australia, both US Coasts, and the desert southwest and Canada. At the same time Keith was getting requests to photograph people, products, events, and saw each new opportunity to branch out into other aspects of photography. After 18 years of self teaching, and mentoring under professional photographers, Keith became the owner of an existing retail camera store and photo studio in 2002 and used that opportunity to accelerate his now professional career in studio photography.  It wasn't long before camera classes were being held at the store to share the passion on a regular basis. Comfortable in front of a class from his military days Keith has had hundreds of customers take his beginning photography class. An experienced outdoors-men and land navigator trained by the Marine Corps, and an experienced teaching photographer make the transition  to this type of outdoor, moving classroom a natural progression.


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