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Manufacturing and Product Photography

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I recently had the distinct pleasure of photographing a manufacturing plant in Manchester MI. It was a special day as numerous Michigan State Senators and other legislators descended upon the small town of Manchester to acknowledge the incredible successes that have been earnestly created by AMI Manchester, an auto parts stamping and manufacturer.  A highly skilled facility, they have seen numerous quality awards from some very well known auto manufactures for their quality, and on time deliverables.

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Keith French Photography was asked to wear many hats at this event. We provided video coverage of the awards presentation, and we did some product manufacturing  photography, We also photographed the equipment used in the manufacturing process, and we took photos of their products’ “wall of fame”. We shoot footage for a video of many key employees telling us about their roll and why AMI is so successful.  Lastly we did many corporate groups photos of the various departments, and key personal as well and the owners and their family.

manufacturing photography of products

It was an action packed day to say the least.  Congratulations to every one at AMI Manchester. Your dedication to quality and attention to detail has poised you for a bright future in the auto industry and more.

getting ready for product photography

You know you are in a for a good day when the morning starts out like this.

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Shooting and creating images since 1984, Keith French has had the opportunity to shoot on 4 continents and the islands of the Azores, as well in the South Pacific. A one time camera store owner Keith worked his way around the photography industry and has developed a unique perspective from the view point of a photographer, a photo lab technician, an equipment retailer/salesmen, and commercial studio owner. An award winning photographer who loves to teach and share his passion with others. Keith is currently the local camera club president as well.

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