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Outdoor Flashing

Do you want to take better photos outside of your friends or family? Maybe your kids and their friends?. This simple tip will make a big difference with a DSLR camera, a noticeable difference with a point and shoot camera, and depending on many factors it can help with your phone’s photo taking device. (Notice I avoided calling it a camera.)

Use the flash, all the time, especially in bright sun. I do. It fills in shadows, eliminates or softens the reflections on and around the face, and makes eyes brighter and more saturated in color. It’s all around better. It’s not hard to override automatic flash to flash ON. On – just means it will fire for every photo, making a difference. If you want to learn more about this technique and you cannot seem to find out how it works for your device through your manual, then call me and we’ll set up a session for some one on one training with your equipment ensuring you get your best images. If you want to get more professional knowledge on shooting with flash outside I can do that too. Call me lets set up a time.

One on One sessions for phones and point and shoot devices can be scheduled in 30 minute increments for $1.00 a minute. DSLR sessions are a minimum of 60 minutes and we’ll cover stuff you didn’t know you could do but wanted too.

Call me at 847-401-2017 to set up an appointment.
Shooting and creating images since 1984, Keith French has had the opportunity to shoot on 4 continents and the islands of the Azores, as well in the South Pacific. A one time camera store owner Keith worked his way around the photography industry and has developed a unique perspective from the view point of a photographer, a photo lab technician, an equipment retailer/salesmen, and commercial studio owner. An award winning photographer who loves to teach and share his passion with others. Keith is currently the local camera club president as well.