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Date:February 01, 2013

Corporate Commercial Photography


Hiring a commercial photographer  for make a lasting impact with your first visual impression makes good business sense. Commercial photography is all about generating a result, a response, or a reaction. A professional portrait tells your clients or customers that at the very least you care about your image. The reaction you are looking for is a potential client or customer deciding to work with you, or give you an opportunity by picking up the phone and making an appointment. Don’t let a sub-par image be the reason you didn’t get the call or the opportunity to tell your story. Keith French commercial photography  studio can come to your office and set up shop allowing you to keep your billable employees close by. With minimal time away from the desk your productivity doesn’t suffer while you get images for your company’s web site or annual report. 

You’ll also receive the added bonus of all the images looking uniform. Something that is hard to achieve unless all the images are photographed at the same time. Which adds to the neat and orderly appearance of your presentation.

Standard image clean up consists of fixing hair “flyways”, dust, lint. or other distractions on the shoulders or arms, moderate blemishes, and glasses refection.

Other billable fixes include “lazy” eye, teeth whitening, braces removal, age reduction, and arm slimming. These fixes are on a case by case bases and would be quoted once the proofs are released.

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