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Paulsen Productions – SBA-Testimonial

  • The Challenge

    Photograph a highly reflective, multi-angle, transparent acrylic trophy that matches the color of the website and still be able to read the engraving.
  • The Plan

    Mask off all light that hits the subject directly while allowing light to light the solid colored background paper in a graduated angle to feather the boldness of the color
  • The Result

    Here’s the image…, the clients comments are below

Commercial Advertising Photography Elgin IL

Keith French Photography – absolutely professional and dedicated. Everything we have done with him have had excellent results. He talks with you about your needs, situation, equipment, etc and gives you his honest opinion about what your next steps should be. We have had prints made, corporate portraits taken, camera equipment repaired, passport photos taken, etc. I just brought in a nonworking 35mm camera (probably 15 years old) – with partially exposed film in it. He was able to work with it and pull prints off after it sat for over 6 years in that state!

My husband received an award which we needed photographed for our web site. This is a VERY difficult piece to photograph due to all the angles and design of the piece – plus we needed a background color that matched our website. The photographs turned out beautiful! The work he does is always so professional, and done with great care. You definitely know his passion for his work.

His classes are a lot of fun and truly informational – I certainly did not need to know anything about cameras coming in! His knowledge is so expansive that even the most seasoned professionals will be able to discuss their situations and needs with him as well – many camera stores I have been in have not been able to talk to me in terms I could understand.

Keith, a United States Marine veteran, has supported many military and veteran events with his time and talent. He is a big part of the community – geographically and militarily – something we look for in our business relationships. His patience, passion, and commitment to his profession are very evident. I highly recommend Keith French Photography for all of your photographic needs.


Cheryl K., Elgin, IL