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Sports Photography

TOUCHDOWN!!!I really enjoyed my days playing football in high school. The Steinmetz Silver Streaks in Chicago. I found out a few years back that my coach was inducted into the Illinois High School Football Coaches Hall of Fame. Coach Ray Jacobson was a great coach and a great man as well. Unfortunately I also found out he passed away  a few years ago. I never saw him again after I graduated. He made an impact on all of us, both on and off the field.  I had no idea his coaching career was that distinguished. Although I’m not surprised.

Today I really enjoy photographing high school football. Many of the young men don’t realize how much this time in their lives will impact them for the next 50 or so years. For many these will be great memories and  for some this will be the stepping stone into a higher level of organized sports.  Either way photos like this are hard to come by for any player at this level.

If you play now or have a son who’s playing and you want me to key on them for a game then give me a call.  For more shots check out my sports gallery HERE.
Shooting and creating images since 1984, Keith French has had the opportunity to shoot on 4 continents and the islands of the Azores, as well in the South Pacific. A one time camera store owner Keith worked his way around the photography industry and has developed a unique perspective from the view point of a photographer, a photo lab technician, an equipment retailer/salesmen, and commercial studio owner. An award winning photographer who loves to teach and share his passion with others. Keith is currently the local camera club president as well.

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