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OCTOBER   2015   17-19th

Shawnee National Forest- Southern IL

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This is an opportunity to learn photography or enhance your knowledge of photography while visiting  the Shawnee National Forest and seeing some of it’s most amazing treasures at the best time of day in one of the prettiest times of the year. It is a rain or shine workshop that can take you into actual wilderness areas. All of these locations have been prescreened to allow for maximum impact for the seasons and weather, while building your knowledge base of photography. There are some sites that are on private property and coordination has already been made on your behalf to best utilize the time and offer you the best opportunity to take awesome pictures while you learn. Several locations are not on any tourism maps or  nature guides, offering you a special treat you will not find on your own. Because of the size of Shawnee National Forest  and distances from major urban areas,  you will rarely run into other individuals in the same places that you are photographing. Meaning you don’t have to wait for “tourists” to get out of our shots, or other such interferences. While it has and still may occur, it is rare.



The Shawnee area is filled with amazing geological formations, wildlife, canyons, streams, waterfalls, trails, Caves, forest wilderness, old cemeteries, abandoned barns or homesteads  etc. unfortunately not all of them are right along the road. Some uneven terrain hiking will be required. Check out more with the IL DNR and also to see the maps of paths and trails.



A digital SLR with a wide-angle lens for scenery; a telephoto lens for capturing wildlife or isolating landscapes; and if interested in close-up, a macro lens or extension tubes with your telephoto; plenty of flash card storage, depending on your shooting style; and if you have one, a laptop with external hard drive for downloading and storing images. You’ll need a USB flash drive to transport images for critiques. Other recommended accessories include your camera’s operation manual, a quality polarizing filter, a sturdy light weight tripod, extra batteries, a diffusion disk & reflector could also come in handy, LCD loupe to avoid LCD glare, flashlight, lens cleaning cloth, blower to clean lenses, cable release/remote control, sun screen bug spray/lotion and ground cloth &/or knee pads for macro work. While we may not do a lot of flash photography, if you have a flash – bring it. If you are considering purchasing any equipment before the workshop, feel free contact me for suggestions.


Anyone who is comfortable outside and doesn’t mind a little vigorous walking.

This workshop is designed to accommodate all levels of photographic experience. While the “title” of the workshop is photographic, if you are a painter or other form of artist and wish to participate in a guided tour of the Shawnee please call me and see if this is a good trip for you. Likewise if you are a nature lover/hiker and want to see and hear some of the amazing sites of the Shawnee please call me prior to registering.

It is important, however, that participants be familiar with their equipment and its operation. This workshop will emphasize practical applications and techniques for all cameras but it is important you know the basics of how yours works.